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Electric Glow Text

Step 1

Open a new RGB document (I made it 300*200px) and type your text in white on a black background.

Use Filter –> Stylize –> Wind on the text, once from the left and once from the right.

Rotate the image bei 90 degree (Image –> Rotate Canvas) and apply Wind again once from the left and once from the right.

Rotate the image back and it will look something like this:


Step 2

Click Filter –> Blur –> Radial Blur

Set Amount to about 15, Blur Method to Zoom and Quality to Best.


Step 3

Go to the background layer and make it whit.

Inverse the texts color (CTRL-I)


Step 4

Use Filter –> Stylize –> Find Edges

Invert the text again (CTRL-I)

Make the background black again


Step 5

Hit CTRL-U and pick a color for your text

Go to the Blending Options of your text layer.

Select Outer Glow and apply these settings:

Choose a Glow color similar to the color you chose for your text.


That’s it, there’s your electric glow effect:


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