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Rounded Corners for images in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will be demonstrating how to create rounded photo corners
with a transparent background, making it more versatile to use without a
visible square border.  This is great to make a site look more web 2.0.  Works great with buttons.

1.  Open Photoshop CS4 or CS5 and create a new file (File < New)


2.  Choose the width & height you need and select Transparent background


3.  Create a new layer. Go to Menu Bar, select <Layer < Duplicate Layer
Your layers palette should look like this

4.  To select Rounded Rectangle Tool, click and hold down mouse button on
Rectangle tool in Tools Palette and choose Rounded Rectangle Tool in fly out menu.
rounded corners 3


5. Set radius on Menu Bar to 40px.
The higher the number, the rounder the corners will be.
rounded corners 4


6.  Draw rectangle and fill with any color.
Click on Eye icon on shape layer to turn off visibility
round corners


7.  Open image that you want to create rounded corners on.
Select image< Ctrl +A. (Ctrl + A selects all and is made visible by marching ants)
Then Copy < Ctrl + C, or File < Copy


8.  Click back onto original transparent file, then in the Menu Bar select
< Layer < New Layer , NowPaste < Ctrl + V, or File < Paste


9.  Click on shape in layers palette and hold down Ctrl key to get marching ants (on macs press and hold command key)
rounded corners


10.  Make sure picture layer is selected.
Go to Menu Bar, click on Select < Inverse < then hit the Delete key
rounded corners


11.  To retain transparent background, save image as a png or a gif, but gif image
quality is lower. (if you do not need the transparent background, you can save it as a jpeg)  We are all done now, You can now added effects and other cool stuff the rounded corner image.

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